XFT-2003D+ is an advanced EMG biofeedback FES device for the recovery and rehabilitation of extremity motor function in paralyzed patients with central nervous system injuries such as stroke. This product can detect the weak active EMG signal of paralytic in real time, simultaneously sending appropriate electrical pulse according to the strength of the EMG signal to make active muscular contraction, for the purpose of recovery and rehabilitation of extremity motor function, and prevention of atrophy. It can also connect with the iPad App to play various games that help to get a joyful therapy course and enhance patient's confidence.



Collecting and processing technology of EMG signal.

Latest technology of delivering FES based on the detected EMG signal.

Dual channel design with 9.7 inch LCD touch screen.

Treatment Principle

The patient's weak EMG signal is collected by electrodes attached to the patient's skin and the data about the level of muscle strength is extracted, at the same time, then the same level of electrical stimulation is delivered through the electrodes to enable the patient to perform active motor function training.


Functions and Features

 9.7 inch LCD Touch Screen.

 Dual Channel Biofeedback Stimulation Channels.

 MIRROR Channel: 1.

 Intensity Lock Function.

 EMG Feedback Evaluation.

 EMG Triggered Stimulation (ETS).

 Power Assistance Stimulation (PAS).

 Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES).

 Auto off After 15 Minutes of Standby.

 Treatment Prescription Management.

 Electrode interoperability technology: EMG signal detection and electrical stimulation delivery through the same electrode cable.

 Indication of electrode loose.

 Treatment Time Limit Function.

 Indication of low battery.

 Symmetric biphasic balanced wave.

 Dual Power Supply.

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