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New generation G4 Foot drop system
The latest fourth-generation Foot Drop System G4 shows our vision for the future of wearable medical devices.
Integrated Design
Metal Electrodes
Gait Analysis
APP Control
Core technology
Working Principle

G4 Foot Drop System adopts advanced MEMS sensor technology and XFT patented AI intelligent algorithms to continuously learn and track the patient's gait.When the patient wants to lift his leg, he will be given timely electrical stimulation and the repetitive movement pattern information is transmitted to the central nervous system to achieve the restoration of the neuromotor function.

Stim unit and Cuff
  • IPX6 high grade protection design, to achieve excellent waterproof and dust-proof characteristics;
  • The OLED display screen presents a bright and vibrant visual effects. The IML touch panel is durable and luminous;
  • Magnetic charging interface, convenient and quick;
  • Can be used on both left and right legs.
Patented sequential electrodes
  • Designed according to anatomy,the electrodes can cover the common peroneal nerve position precisely;
  • Medical-grade stainless steel electrodes, free of consumables, durable;
  • Integrated strap for easy cleaning, avoiding the risk of cross infection.
Equipped with APP
  • Internal Bluetooth connects to an iOS or Android App for program customization, data tracking, parameter adjustment, and real-time gait analysis.
Combination of active and passive rehabilitation training

Training mode —— For patients who lack active training, rehabilitation should be done as early as possible when the condition is stable.
This mode can be selected for muscle training when the patient is sitting or lying down. The purpose of the training mode is to promote muscle function recovery, delay muscle atrophy of the diseased leg, maintain and improve the range of motion of the ankle joint and enhance local blood circulation.Two to three 20-minute sessions per day are used to prevent muscular wasting atrophy.
Gait mode —— Stimulate while walking, restore the neuromotor function.
This device helps them to walk with normal gait when the patients want to lift their legs to walk.Stimulate while walking, and the repetitive motor pattern information is passed into the central nervous system,forming excitation traces in the cerebral cortex, restoring and reconstructing the neuromotor function.
Reference for use
Wearing time Interval time
1-4 days 15-60min 30min
1-4 days 15-60min 30min
1-4 days 15-60min 30min
1-4 days 15-60min 30min
1-4 days 15-60min 30min
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