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FES Improve performance
of activity
FES helps patients reduce pain
  • Improves the strength and health of remaining motor units
  • Increase joint flexibility (ROM) and muscle flexibility to make autonomous movement more efficient
  • Reduced spasticity and improved function
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How FES works
Application of FES in foot drop
The influence of FES on the gait of patients after stroke
  • Faster walking speed
  • Improved walking and balance
  • Longer walking distance
  • Improve mobility
  • Reduced falls and improved gait
  • Reduce spasticity
Effects of FES on gait in patients with (MS)
  • increase walking speed
  • Short walks have a positive effect on walking speed
  • Reduce the impact of MS on walking ability
Effects of FES on gait in children with (CP)
  • Highly acceptable and effective against foot drop
  • Prevent muscle atrophy and maintain muscle size
  • Improve walking patterns and energy expenditure
Effects of FES on gait in patients with (SCI)
  • Has training effect at walking speed
  • Increase walking speed and distance
  • Improved walking function
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FES Rehabilitation process
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Evaluation & diagnosis
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XFT Rehabilitation management
We have an international engineering technology and rehabilitation team, through our own intellectual property rights set assessment and screening, remote rehabilitation in one of the rehabilitation system, with the "xCloud" technology, patients can enjoy professional medical care at home.