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AED Trainer
AED Trainer
Strong and durable
XFT employs premium raw materials in crafting the casing for its training machines, ensuring robustness and stability that closely mimics the real AED machine. The use of high-quality materials enhances the overall durability and authenticity of the training experience, offering users top-notch quality in their training sessions..
Optional multi-language
XFT aed trainer boasts customizable language pronunciation, featuring built-in multi-lingual voices that cater to learners worldwide. This adaptability ensures a tailored and inclusive learning experience for users across different linguistic backgrounds..
Tailored customization
The appearance, language, and simulation scenarios are all customizable to align with the specific needs of your organization or unit.
Safe and convenient
XFT AED trainers and peripheral equipment are found all over the world.
CPR indicators
10 training scenarios
2020 AHA Guidlines