sEMG Biofeedback FES 

                   | XFT-2003D|

XFT-2003D sEMG Biofeedback FES is an EMG triggered Functional Electrical Stimulator. It is a combination of NMES, EMG, ETS and multimedia interactive biofeedback rehabilitation training. The most important innovation is that XFT developed the rehab training system based on iOS, so patients can do the boring rehabilitation exercise by playing games with iPad, which makes the rehab training full of fun.


Revolutionary Innovation- Power Assistant Stimulation (PAS)

Control the intensity and duration of stimulation in real time according to the strength and duration of sEMG signals.
Reflect patients' will and demand of subjective movement in real time.
Fuel patients when they want to move.

The intensity is adjusted according to patients' will.

Benefits of PAS

Active training is more effective for rehabilitation than passive training according to clinical studies.
Detect the weak sEMG signal from the affected extremity and assist it to achieve active movements.
Restore nerve function.
Physically and mentally encourage patients to do active rehab training.

Simple Interface

Medical personnels can choose different treatment modes quickly and easily and customize treatment by setting different parameters on the iPad according to clinical needs.

sEMG Assessment

Detect sEMG signal in real time, display the maximum, minimum and average value, objective and quantifiable.

Multimedia Biofeedback Training

Patients control the game by contracting certain muscles, enjoying the fun in rehabilitation training. The training actives brain cells, improves recognition and strengthens muscles, and it also exercises muscles in the aspect of endurance, coordination, and balance.

Mirror Therapy

The stimulator collects the sEMG signal from the unaffected extremity, and then delivers proper low frequency electrical stimulation to the certain muscles of the affected extremity, making the movement of muscle contraction. In such way, the affected extremity can move as freely as the unaffected one.

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