XFT-0011 Multimedia Interactive Rehab Training System

Product Description

Multimedia Interactive Rehab Training System controls for early rehabilitation functional training. The system can be connected directly with the patient's body. It also can detect the movement speed and direction of the body through its inside sensor, and then send these data to the computer through Bluetooth technology. At last, we can use the computer software to achieve the goal-oriented training.The system can also be connected to any piece of gym or rehab equipment to achieve the goal-oriented training and then to got the training assessment.



  • It can be used stand-alone or interfaced to any piece of gym or rehab equipment.
  • Optimized the effect of PE training.
  • Fun, motivating workouts through video game inspired patient’s training interest.
  • It also brings new solutions for neural function recovery.
  • Improve patient’s motion control training, such as coordination, reaction time, proprioception training.
  • Provide objective quantitative evaluation and training standards.
  • Exercise for kids, seniors, athletes, deconditioned, ortho/Neuro patients alike.


High Definition 3D Game Mode


                                        Controlled Route        Random Explosive      Controlled Position     Random  Reactive

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