Product Description

An estimated 80% of postpartum women and 90% of married women suffer from varying degrees of vaginal laxity. The 

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) believes that pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation can improve 

flabby vaginal effectively, enhance vaginal muscle contraction, improve the quality of sexual life and strengthen the 

debilitating pelvic floor muscle group. Thus reducing vaginal flaccidity and prevention the occurs of chronic urinary 

incontinence (stress urinary incontinence, eager urinary incontinence, mixed urinary incontinence), decreasing 

medication and surgical treatment.

XFT-0010EB Wireless Pelvic Muscle Kegal Trainer is a medical therapeutic device with biofeedback (pressure) plus 

electrical stimulation. The probe can objectively assesses the patient's level of muscle damage, guiding and helping 

women to train their pelvic floor muscles more safely and effectively. XFT-0010EB wireless pelvic muscle trainer adopts 

low-frequency electrical stimulation technology. Electrical stimulation of the intracavity electrodes that controlled by the 

Host and APP to instead of nerve impulses generated by the brain to produce equal tension or equal length contraction

of the muscle strength training, thereby improving urinary incontinence and upgrading the quality of sexual life.

This product is applied to female pelvic muscle exercise.

Product Contents

The XFT-0010EB Wireless Pelvic Muscle Trainer mainly consists of a trainer, an intracavity electrode, a power cord and

an APP.


•Minimalist dual probes design.
•Scientifically equipped with an APP.
•Portable self-contained carrying case.
•Maintenance-free probe, can work for 30 hours.
•Streamlined waterproof design of the probe, comfortable to use.
•The APP supports to adjust the working parameters as required.
•Wireless electrode, the trainer and the probe connect together via Bluetooth.
•Using low-frequency electrical stimulation technology, which is a gentle electrical pulse.

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