Product Description

XFT-0010EA pelvic muscle trainer adopts low-frequency electrical stimulation technology. Electrical stimulation 

of the intracavity electrodes that controlled by the Host and APP to instead of nerve impulses generated by the brain to 

produce equal tension or equal length contraction of the muscle strength training, thereby improving urinary incontinence 

and upgrading the quality of sexual life.

This product is applied to female pelvic muscle exercise.

Product Contents

The XFT-0010EA Pelvic Muscle Trainer mainly consists of a trainer, an intracavity electrode, a power cord and an APP software.


Intimate self-contained design.
Maintenance-free probe, can last for 30-hour.
Streamlined waterproof design of the probe, comfortable to use.
The APP supports to adjust the working parameters as required.
Wireless electrode, the trainer and the probe connect tigether via Bluetooth.
Using low-frequency electrical stimulation technology, which is a gentle electrical pulse.

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