XFT-2003K biofeedback electrical stimulator is suitable for the repair and rehabilitation training of limb muscle motor

function in patients with paralysis caused by stroke and other diseases. Through the negative pressure electrodesplaced on the body surface to detect the EMG signal, collect and analyze the EMG signal. Based on the EMG signal 

and parameter settings, the set electrical stimulation signal is output. Through electrical stimulation signals to 

stimulate the muscle contraction of the patient's limb area, thus achieving the purpose of training and treatment of

the patient's specific limb area. The product also has electromyography detection function to help doctors formulate

scientific and effective rehabilitation training and treatment plans.

Application scope

This device collects, analyzes and trains feedback on the patient's body surface EMG signals, and can apply electrical

 stimulation to the patient's muscles to restore the patient's muscle dysfunction. 

Applicable areas: Arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, buttocks, leg and femur.

Product Features

1. 10.1-inch LCD screen, large screen display more intuitive, easier to operate.

2. Rehabilitation assessment, surface EMG monitoring, showing maximum, minimum and average values, objective 


3. Dual channels with individually controlled output can be used for two patients or two sites at the same time.

4. With electrode separation technology, the same electrode wire is used for EMG detection and electrical stimulation,

   and there is no need to switch electrodes for evaluation and treatment modes, making it easy to use.

5. Adopt negative pressure electrode, fast and convenient, comfortable to use.

6. With electrode off detection function and low voltage alarm function.

7. 5 training and treatment modes: EMG detection mode, EMG-triggered electrical stimulation, EMG-assisted electrical

    stimulation, electrical stimulation mode, and mirror electrical stimulation mode.

8. Electrical stimulation mode has 42 built-in fixed prescriptions for clinical use, and 8 custom prescriptions can be set 

    to facilitate research.

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