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XFT Medical won the title of "Shenzhen Famous Brand" and "Bay Area Famous Brand"!
May 16,2024
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Shenzhen XFT Medical Co., Ltd. (brand name "XFT") is unique in the global field of neurological rehabilitation medical devices and has recently won another award. With its outstanding performance in the research and development and application of functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology, the company won the title of "Shenzhen Famous Brand" and "Bay Area Famous Brand", which marks Xunfengtong's brand influence in the field of medical technology. and industry status has been further affirmed and improved.

On the occasion of the eighth China Brand Day, the 8th Shenzhen (Bay Area) International Brand Week and the 2024 China Brand Day·Shenzhen local characteristics event kicked off, and nearly 400 brand results were unveiled. At this event, Xunfengtong, as one of the outstanding enterprises in Shenzhen, received widespread attention from participating experts, entrepreneurs and many industry representatives. It is reported that Xunfengtong has been committed to the research, development and innovation of neurological rehabilitation technology, especially in functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology and has achieved remarkable results. The company's products and services have been widely used and recognized around the world, bringing new hope to many neurological rehabilitation patients. Winning the titles of "Shenzhen Famous Brand" and "Bay Area Famous Brand" this time is not only an affirmation of Xunfengtong's technical strength and product quality, but also recognition of the company's brand building and market influence. The acquisition of these two titles will further enhance Xunfengtong's visibility and competitiveness in the global neurological rehabilitation medical device field. Looking forward to the future, Xunfengtong will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven development concept, continue to increase investment in research and development, improve product quality and service levels, and contribute more to the development of global neurological rehabilitation. At the same time, the company will further strengthen brand building, enhance brand influence, and make "XFT Xunfengtong" a golden brand in the global neurological rehabilitation field. Here, we would like to express our warm congratulations to Xunfengtong and look forward to the company achieving more brilliant results in the future!