Product Description

The XFT-2003EA Hand Rehab System is a physical rehabilitation electronic device for rehabilitation training of patients who have suffered from upper limb dysfunction due to stroke or other causes of central nervous system injuries.

XFT-2003EA detects and monitors the EMG muscle activity signal of a patient and delivers an electrical stimulation pulses according to EMG signal strength to stimulate the patient in order to achieve a muscle contraction. With multiple training modes and interactive gaming applications patients can actively participate in the rehabilitation process and receive treatment with greater enjoyment and customization. The device is also equipped with an evaluation function to establish baseline data and threshold levels as well as track rehabilitation progress to help medical professionals customize evidence based, objective and effective rehabilitation treatment programs for each patient.

Intended Use

lIncrease hand function

lIncrease or maintain hand range of motion

lReduce muscle spasms

lRetard muscle atrophy

lReeducate muscles

lIncrease blood circulation

Treatment Principle

The XFT-2003E detects and analyzes the patient's EMG signals in real time through the electrode sensors, and then

stimulaneously delivers low frequency comfortable electrical stimulation according to the EMG signal which in turn will

evoke muscle contraction and enabling patients to actively participate in activities of daily living.

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