Product Description

Hand function is the most important motor function in our daily basis, thus, hand rehabilitation has become an urgent task for those patients.

With the innovative design and technology, XFT launched the H1 Hand Rehab System. H1 combines biofeedback sEMG, PAS and integrated electrodes, providing perfect user experience for medical personnel and patients.

Intended Use

lIncrease hand function

lIncrease or maintain hand range of motion

lReduce muscle spasms

lRetard muscle atrophy

lReeducate muscles

lIncrease blood circulation

Integrated Electrodes

Wearable design, adjustable wristband, stainless-steel electrode, precise positioning, non-consumable material.


sEMG monitor, display of maximum/minimum/average value, objective and quantifiable.

Treatment Prescription

Customizable treatments for various clinical needs.

Multimedia Biofeedback Training

Patients control the game by contracting certain muscles, enjoying the fun in rehabilitation H1 training. The training actives brain cells, improves recognition and strengthens muscles, and it also exercises muscles in the aspect of endurance, coordination, and balance.                              

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