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Classic H1 Hand Rehab System

The first-generation sEMG Hand Rehab System

EMG Biofeedback
Integrated Design
APP Control
2 Training Modes
Core technology

“Rehabilitation is the only effective way for recovery from stroke sequelae”

– AHA/ASA Hand function is the most important motor function in our daily basis, thus, hand rehabilitation has become an urgent task for those patients.

With the innovative design and technology, XFT launched the H1 Hand Rehab System. H1 combines biofeedback sEMG, PAS and integrated electrodes, providing perfect user experience for medical personnel and patients.

Intended Use 

Improve hand function 

Increase or maintain hand range of motion 

Reduce muscle spasms 

Retard muscle atrophy 

Reeducate muscles 

Increase blood circulation

Integrated Electrodes

Integrated electrode;

Wearable design, adjustable wrist strap;

Stainless steel electrodes, precise positioning, no need for electrode consumables;

Precise positioning, non-consumable material.

Rehabilitation assessment

Surface electromyography monitoring displays maximum, minimum and average values for objective quantification.

Designed according to anatomy,the electrodes can cover the common peroneal nerve position precisely;

Multimedia feedback training

Set different frequency, pulse width and other parameters according to clinical needs to customize personalized treatment plans.

Colleague patients completely use their own will (that is, the ability to contract and control muscles) to control the game, making rehabilitation training full of fun! Activate the functional vitality of brain cells, improve cognitive level, and improve muscle strength; it can also train muscles for endurance, coordination, and balance.

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