Product Description

Since the first wearable FES Foot Drop System was launched by XFT in 2009, we have been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation and in-depth understanding of clinical application, and in 2014, XFT launched the 3rd generation of Foot Drop System which adopts several patents.

The XFT Foot Drop System is renowned all over the world for its advanced technology and excellent performance, benefiting thousands of patients who suffered from foot prolapse. Latest fourth-generation Foot Drop System G4 shows our vision for the future of wearable medical devices. And today we succeed in taking this vision one step further!

Working Principle

XFT-2001E Foot Drop System adopts advanced MEMS sensor technology and XFT patented AI intelligent algorithms to continuously learn and track the patient's gait, precisely controlling the time and duration of electrical stimulation by tracking the swing angle and pace of patient's leg. XFT-2001E delivers electrical pulses to the common peroneal nerve as well as the tibialis anterior and other muscles to make the movement dorsiflexion and eversion. Those mild electrical pulses stimulate patient's leg muscle, making them lift the foot at an appropriate phase while walking and therefore enabling patient to walk more steadily, naturally and safely.


Featuring with medical-grade stainless steel electrodes, carefully crafted to integrated with the most ever durable IML panel made for outstanding water and dust resistance.

Medical-grade Stainless Steel Electrodes

Medical-grade stainless steel electrodes for precise positioning. The patient's common peroneal nerve is stimulated more accurately by our patented sequential electrodes.

Crystal Clean OLED Display Screen

New Design. New Technology. The OLED display screen presents a bright and vibrant visual effects. The IML touch 

panel is durable and luminous.

Home User APP

Equipped with an app and adopts the cutting-edge "XFT Cloud" technology, which allows you to achieve information 

interaction to provide users with the most scientific treatment plan.

XFT-2001E G4 once again introduces foot drop functional electrical stimulation technology into a new era. With more 

powerful sensors and patented electrodes combined with the AI technology to work together, which is better than ever 


Shared Medical Cabinet

Especifically designed to manage and store medical rehabilitation equipments.

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