Mini AED Trainer XFT-D0009


Mini AED Trainer XFT-D0009 is designed to effectively train the emergency responders to learn the knowledge how to use the clinical AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). This training unit help responders became familiar with an AED and allow them to demonstrate the basic skills necessary to use an AED in an emergency.






Model No.: XFT-D0009

Name: XFT mini AED trainer

Power supply: DC3.0V (2*AAA Battery)

Product size: 100*80*18mm

Shutdown Current: <20uA Max

Maximum Operating Current: <350mA Max





1. It has no high-voltage capabilities, ensuring safety during training.


2. It is comply with the latest Guidelines and its voice prompt has 16 languages for choice.


3. The device is very small and convenient to take.


4. The device has the function of Voice Broadcast and LED display (Work instructions, electrode pads direction, shock instructions, warning signs). And, when you toggle the switch. it can simulate the electrode pads connected or not connected.


5. The device has voice prompts and LED indication during two minutes CPR pause time.(Sound Tip: The interval to 0.6 seconds beep 200 times, and the light flashing as the sound’s frequency.)

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