As the National Day approaches, on this afternoon of September 29th, Shenzhen XFT Medical Limited. held a walkathon to celebrate our 70th anniversary of the National Day with the theme of inheriting the revolutionary spirit and conveying patriotism.

Before started the walkathon, all staffs at office sang a song called China catches my heart that dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

This walkathon was started at the North Gate of Julong Mountain Park, with a total length of 15 kilometers. The activity is divided into two parts included with team competitions and individual free walkathon. After a simple warm-up exercise, with beginning whistle, all XFT staffs began to walk.

During the three and half hours, everyone walked together and encouraged each other. Our faces were filled with joy and happiness, enjoyed the physical and mental pleasure brought by the walk. After finished the walkathon, champion and second team were received medals and awards. Through the long history, we walked into 2019 and opened a new era of 2019, we ushered in the 70th birthday of our motherland. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, this is a special gift made by all XFT staffs give it to motherland in our own way. As a youth of the new era, we will always uphold the excellent tradition of the Chinese nation to strive for self-improvement and hard working, and always ready to devote ourselves for the better construction of the motherland in the future!