There is some data shows that only 1% of Chinese adults know how to do CPR. In order to arouse the consciousness of first aid skills, strengthen the awareness and ability of our staffs to know how to respond when there is emergency, and protect the safety of families and people around us better, thus, XFT held a first aid training course called "Learn, to Save Life" successfully on 22 September, 2019.

When a person has a cardiac arrest, first aid process such as AED and CPR, must be given within 4 minutes. If the "golden 4 minutes" pass, even life is rescued, the brain cells may be irreversibly damaged. Therefore, for people who with cardiac arrest suddenly, the rescue of cardiopulmonary resuscitation must begin on the spot by the first witness.

The training course was provided by the instructors from Shenzhen Center For Prehospital Care, which mainly included cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration, AED trainer training, traumatic dressing and some treatment of common emergencies. At the end of the course, all XFT staff, passed the theoretical and practical examinations and will receive a primary first-aider in emergency medical service certificate issued by the Shenzhen Center for Prehospital Care. XFT-120C+ AED Trainers were used in this training course.

We hope that through the learning, once there is unexpected emergency happens, everyone can  become the first rescuer to save others lives! In fact, CPR is not as difficult as we imagine. When there is emergency, the most important thing is you must calm down and to do something you can. As common citizen, we face different kinds of dilemmas in our daily life, learning first aid is not to wait for the advent of a trouble, but to give ourselves more possibilities to solve unintended difficulties. First aid skills have become an urgent need in our life, and it is a skill that everyone should master. Let's learn together, to save life!