To avoid the severity of the stroke, what food should a stroke patient pay attention? Changing the diet can help with the stroke recovery.

Usually the stroke patient with recovery may required to eat low-fat, low sugar, low cholesterol diet and not any frying food, not greasy and easy digest would be the best choice.

Below is the food should be pay attention:

(1)  High protein: Fish, shrimp, beans, milk, lean meat etc food protein content is higher, which should be control the intake.

(2)  High Vitamin: eat more fresh vegetable, fruits

(3)  Low-fat: avoid to intake high levels of animal fat and cholesterol foods, for example: the fatty meat, animal innards, butter etc.

(4)  Less salt: Control the salt intake 1.5-2.0g every day and Sodium drug, food, such as the seasoning, aginomoto, beer, soda water etc.

(5)  Low Calorie: No more than 1600-2000 kilocalorie each day, eat less sugary foods and fruits 

(6)  Less irritating food: Do not eat the pepper, strong tea, black coffee, cool drink, wine and so on.

Except the attention on the diet, the training and exercise is extremely important for the stroke patient recovery too. XFT-2001D foot drop system and the XFT-2003E hand rehab system has been great help for the rehabilitation. They can help increase or maintain range of mobility, reduce muscle spasms, retard muscle atrophy, reeducate muscles and increase blood circulation.