“Made in China” no longer a term refers to massively produced in China, but to innovation and high-tech.

“The Beauty of Made in China” is a contest that selects the standout products with criteria of product quality and innovation in a marketing and social perspective. These selected products represent the highest standard of Chinese manufacturing.

In this year, XFT's G3 Foot Drop System and H1 Hand Rehab System were nominated in this contest, outstripping other 4309 entries.

Professor Liu Guanzhong, the chairman of this contest, complimented XFT’s G3 Foot Drop System as “A hope and key to the door of regaining gait function for stroke patients”.

H1 Hand Rehab System received many applauses because of its humanistic care designed, which focus on improving hand functions of hand paralyzed patients.

Both G3 and H1 are implicating XFT's company value, which is “bring more rehabilitation opportunities to people through innovative technologies”.  Being dedicated to rehabilitation industry, XFT has won over 30 prizes for its innovations and designs. XFT will keep improving its quality and technology and benefit more for people.